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The Aircraft we will be flying this year is the.... BUM BUM BUM! Cessna Caravans! We have managed to lease 3 Cessna Caravans which are able to hold 3 Passengers each. This means our capacity this year is going to be 9 People for our March Safari and 9 for our Summer Safari! Please sign up today as spots will not last long!


Planing Trip No. 50! We have been flying the "Outback" for quite a long time now. We are currently planning our 50th Trip. We have been running 2 Tours a year for the past 25 years. We are planning on flying 3 aircraft for this year's Safari. The aircraft this year are to be announced soon!


All Former Web information has been deleted to ease our migration to new site. If you formerly had an account with us, all info has been deleted. Please re-register on our new Contact Page


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The Spring safari leave on March 1st and returns March 21st. This tour is for Adults only as it includes some longer flights and some experiences that are not suitable for children. The Summer Tour leaves June 1st and Returns June 21st and is arranged to allow children on board. The price is $4950 per person with a party discount if you bring 3 or more. The sooner you arrange your trip, the more likelihood everyone in your party can ride the same aircraft.

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