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The Aircraft we will be flying this year is the.... BUM BUM BUM! Cessna Caravans! We have managed to lease 3 Cessna Caravans which are able to hold 3 Passengers each. This means our capacity this year is going to be 9 People for our March Safari and 9 for our Summer Safari! Please sign up today as spots will not last long!


Planing Trip No. 50! We have been flying the "Outback" for quite a long time now. We are currently planning our 50th Trip. We have been running 2 Tours a year for the past 25 years. We are planning on flying 3 aircraft for this year's Safari. The aircraft this year are to be announced soon!


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The Big Idea

Safaris are an awesome way to get to know the natural habitat of a major area in a relatively short time. The main point of a safari is to cross much of the landscape as far away from civilization as possible while also staying safe. For Caravan Safaris, you are often not more than 3 hours from the closest town. This can severely limit the amount of nature you encounter. In a low flying aircraft, we can go up to 3x as far away and still be safe. Also, our skilled pilots can get you as close as any driver could. There is over 75 years of flying experience among our main pilots alone not to mention our alternative pilots.


Days In Order

  1. Orientation and Packing
  2. Flight To Byron Bay
  3. Byron Bay Snorkeling
  4. Flight To Wombat
  5. Toowoomba Garden Viewing
  6. Flight To Longreach
  7. Aircraft History Tours
  8. Flight To Mt. Isa
  9. Lake Moondarra Tour
  10. Flight To Alice Springs
  11. Oasis Viewing and Tour
  12. Flight To Uluru
  13. World Heritage Site Hike
  14. Flight To Cober Pedy
  15. Opal Tours or Relax
  16. Flight To Broken Hill
  17. Australian Heritage Hike
  18. Flight To Sydney
  19. Sydney Scuba Diving
  20. Sydney Special Event